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Crimson Cisa and Narcoze doing Amsterdam

Coming to you from a killer cold Amsterdam! My man Narc and I thought we were going to lose our hands to frostbite haha.
Despite the cold we had a great and productive day of cultivating the Dutch capital.

By chance we met Amsterdam’s Wojo/Faces. He spotted us like a genuine street ninja while we were putting stuff up :)

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland

– Crimson Cisa

Welcome to Street Art Stickers From PaperMonster

Hello and Welcome to Street Art Stickers!!
My name is PaperMonster and I am stencil graffiti artists. I have been creating stencils, stickers, and everything in between for over 5 years. All of my work focuses on the women and their hidden stories and emotions behind their beauty.You can view some of my work at the links listed below:
Also For Submissions to StreetArtStickers.com feel free to contact me at the following email below.
PaperMonster: v@papermonster.org
or contact
StreetArtStickers: info@streetartstickers.com

Check out some of my recent stickers adventures below