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Speaking with Shroom

This past summer I noticed some illustrated postals down in the Village signed “Shroom.” I was quite impressed. When did you start creating stickers? I began last year. I was 17 and a senior in high school.

What inspired you to start drawing on stickers and getting them up?  I was always very interested in the graffiti culture and I wanted to be a part of it.

What is your first graffiti-related memory? The first pieces that I remember are those I saw while riding the subway. They stayed in my mind.

Where were you living at the time?  In the village, near Astor Place.

What are your preferred surfaces or spots for posting your stickers?   I don’t really have any preferred surfaces, but I post most of my stickers in the Village and in the general downtown area.

 How do you get your materials?  I order my stickers from the post office and I just buy the other materials like sharpies and black pens.

Do you work alone or with a crew?   I usually work alone but I have a friend who also does stickers. He uses the name “Stop the Nonsense”.

Have you ever been arrested?  No, not yet. I run pretty fast.

Have you ever exhibited your work? I haven’t yet, other than some projects at school. But I hope to soon.

How do you parents react to what you’re doing?  They’re very supportive. My dad owns a gallery so he’s interested in art and I’ll always show them a new piece after I’m done with it.

What percentage of your time do you devote to sticker art?  I’d say around 20%-30%.

What are your other interests?  I enjoy playing trombone and I’m also on the ultimate Frisbee team at my college.

How do you feel about people removing your stickers from public places and taking them home?   Well, we are vandalizing, so it’s understandable. Just about anything goes. And my stickers tend to vanish quite quickly. But I don’t like it when people paste their stickers or art over other people’s work.

What do you see yourself doing five years from now?  Honestly, I have no idea. I could be in Africa or I could be in graduate school. We’ll see.

Well, good luck! And I look forward to spotting more of your stickers on my next trip down to the Village.

Interviewed by LoisInWonderland; transcribed by Karo Devero