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Biafra Inc-troduction

I’ll hop aboard the introduction wagon and tell you about my self as well.

my name is Biafra Inc. i was born on the east coast and then i moved a bunch and ended up in the mighty midwest, which is an awesome place…well most of it anyway. Im a sticker/ stencil artist and a printmaker. My art has two primary functions. 1. make art available and accessible to the public to get the public involved. and 2. beautify the streets.

i’ll also answer the three questions i get the most, because that seems like a good idea.

1. my name- the name biafra comes from jello biafra.  i was heavily influenced by the band Dead Kennedys when i was younger (and still today) and the singers name was jello biafra. they opened my mind up to a lot of new ideas, so when i started my art i took the name biafra in hopes that i could inspire people in the same way. i added inc. when i started doing stickers to make the stickers look “official” and to play with the idea incorporated and what makes something “real”, because obviously im not a company and i dont ever want to be, but the idea of playing with something that some people hold in such high regard is appealing to me.

2. proninciation- its , bye-afra inc. or bee-afra, depending on where you are from.

3. edie sedgwick- i originally picked her because i think a lot of people have forgotten about her and i was trying to bring her back, but more recently its become more about beautifying the streets, trying to change peoples perceptions about street art. i could go on about that for a while but thats the just of it.

and yeah, thats about it, hit me up if you have questions or whatever, i enjoy the internet a lot.

-biafra inc-