Biafra Inc-troduction

I’ll hop aboard the introduction wagon and tell you about my self as well.

my name is Biafra Inc. i was born on the east coast and then i moved a bunch and ended up in the mighty midwest, which is an awesome place…well most of it anyway. Im a sticker/ stencil artist and a printmaker. My art has two primary functions. 1. make art available and accessible to the public to get the public involved. and 2. beautify the streets.

i’ll also answer the three questions i get the most, because that seems like a good idea.

1. my name- the name biafra comes from jello biafra.  i was heavily influenced by the band Dead Kennedys when i was younger (and still today) and the singers name was jello biafra. they opened my mind up to a lot of new ideas, so when i started my art i took the name biafra in hopes that i could inspire people in the same way. i added inc. when i started doing stickers to make the stickers look “official” and to play with the idea incorporated and what makes something “real”, because obviously im not a company and i dont ever want to be, but the idea of playing with something that some people hold in such high regard is appealing to me.

2. proninciation- its , bye-afra inc. or bee-afra, depending on where you are from.

3. edie sedgwick- i originally picked her because i think a lot of people have forgotten about her and i was trying to bring her back, but more recently its become more about beautifying the streets, trying to change peoples perceptions about street art. i could go on about that for a while but thats the just of it.

and yeah, thats about it, hit me up if you have questions or whatever, i enjoy the internet a lot.

-biafra inc-

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About BilliKidBrand

The “notoriously harmonious” Billi Kid is a street artist determined to refine his voice while leaving an indelible mark on the over saturated urban and cyber landscapes. A life-long doodler, art enthusiast and design junkie, his work blur the lines between graffiti, pop culture, iconography and art. Never to busy to look, feel and listen, his collaborative works with artist from around the world have been celebrated in both the media and street art community alike. His passion for the streets has led him to curate ground breaking exhibitions that have helped bridge the gap between the urban landscape and the sterile indoor environment. Take a close look at it, smile at it, tear it or cover it with something new. From his hand to the streets at large.

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