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Sticker Nerds 2

Sticker Nerds 2
Portland, Oregon USA
The largest sticker event in the united states presented by Oregonized gallery
Hosted by SKAM

Video,photography,stickering, mixing, editing – by SKAM

Sticker Nerds 2 crew
Mr. Say
Nasty Nate
Rx Skulls
The Lost Cause
Circle Face
The Rastorbator
Poop Mouth
Kanye PDX
No Bonzo
New colony
Homebase records
Mindless design
sticky ricks

Music by
Unicorn dream attack – Beautiful Eyes
Anamanaguchi – Airbrushed

Crimson Cisa in Berlin, winter 2010

Crimson Cisa had a lovely week in Berlin. As always, it was a great trip. We had an awesome time!

This is a little video put together for your enjoyment, trying to show how fantastic Berlin is. The first part is a slideshow and the second part consists of some pasting action.

(Can somebody translate what the two men at the end of the video are saying? I think they are saying bad things about me.)

Thanks for watching ;)

– Crimson Cisa

Every Last Drop counts – (SKAM collaboration setup paint session)

I dont waste a single drop of any spray paint i get my hands on……
Doing my part to reuse and recycle

These are all collaboration setups on stickers for other artists to add there touches on as well….my background is in abstract art….this is a method i can use to stay within the relm of abstract art and street art….

Music by Milieu
check out milieu here!

Filming, editing, mixing, and painting by SKAM

Artists featured
Pink Eyes
Full Bleed
Mr. Say