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“The BUFF has a face”…

Ten Points to help the Sticker Art Community Speak Up

-An argument against people who steal Street Art Stickers for their own personal use / goals / profit.

#1: Stickers put up on the Streets belong on the Streets.

#2: People who peel Stickers are against the Sticker Scene.

#3: The importance of Sticker Art is not yet understood. Somebody needs to speak up as the voice of the Sticker Art Community…

ATTN: People who steal Street Art Stickers:

We don’t want our stickers messed with. Leave them where they are… Where we put them… Where they belong.

#4: The more people that terminate the best Sticker Art off of the Streets for personal goals help to ensure no good Stickers to be viewed by the masses.

#5: People who steal Stickers from the Streets should be scared. These self serving pilferers already know that they are losers and look both ways before they use their crafty tools and chemicals in order to steal the Stickers.

The Sticker thieves should be scared because some Artists are truly crazy and actually dream of finding someone in the act of stealing / “curating” their Art.

These Sticker Artists might even be crazy enough to want to cause physical harm to a person that they caught removing the Art that they made in order to be seen up on the Streets.

***We are truly concerned for your safety. Please do not peel stickers or mess with graffiti -for your own good. We honestly would not want to hear that you got hit with a brick in the head or something.***

#6: It is obvious to anyone that it is NOT ok to steal a Banksy from the Streets and have a gallery show / profit. Stealing is stealing. Theft of any Art off the Streets makes you a coward and a loser.

#7: There is no certain level that you can get to that gives you the right to steal Art. Just because you are doing a book or “curating” a gallery show (with stolen art),

that does not grant you permission to take the Art that someone else made off the Streets for any use other than it’s original purpose which is to be seen by the public.

#8: Hand styles, Characters, Thowies, Tags, etc. are not nearly as simple as you think. Artists take years and even decades to develop their styles.

#9: Artists risk going to fines / jail time for their Art. That makes it important. -More important than the general public understands.

Sticker Artists and people who get up understand what is going on here and know the importance of what we do.

#10: Yeah yeah yeah… “It’s just a Sticker”. No it is not! It is someones hard work and may be something in which they may have put their heart and soul.

If you haven’t seen a Sticker up on the Streets that made you smile… Just wait… It is an awesome, cool, fun, happy feeling… The best part is to know that so many other people are going to enjoy seeing that sticker up on that spot (where it was meant to be) too!

So what exactly should and could easily be done to remedy the mistakes made by the Street Art Sticker vandal vandals?

A public apology issued to all Sticker Artists.

Stop press and stop profiting from book.

Stop “curating” gallery shows of the stolen Art.

Offer to “re-stick” the stolen Stickers back up on the Streets where they were stolen from (where they belong) with spray mount / glue.

The argument has no room for any gray area…

Either you are for Sticker Art. That means that you “get it” and would never ever peel a Sticker or steal any Street Art no matter how much you loved it for yourself.


You don’t get the whole Street Art thing. If you steal the stuff for yourself, then you are either a whacked out super fan or too dense or old to get what is happening with this whole phenomenon.

So get off of this site and never come back -PLEASE!!!

Take your crappy little Sticker remover spray and Leatherman tools and go away.

If you have the balls to steal Street Art Stickers, then YOU SUCK!!!

If you have the utter stupidity to admit to being an Art thief in person and in writing, then you could potentially be ONE OF THE WORST PIECE OF CRAP ANTI-ART SCUMBAGS THAT EXIST ON THE PLANET!!!

-Just sayin’.