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Got any extra stickers laying around?

Hello everyone. I am currently working on a project where I’m transforming a room into something very similar to this picture and need a ton of stickers to do it. It would be super awesome if anybody could help me out with any stickers they could spare. Stickers from friends bands, or cool stores, or anything would also be really appreciated. If you enclose a piece of paper with your name, address and email address I will send you a bunch of photos of the finished product and possibly some stickers in return. I am also looking for any printer that can print some one color stickers and have them delivered to Boston before memorial day. Thanks.

Please send stickers to before Memorial Day to

C/O Proletariat
36 JFK St
The Garage
Cambridge, MA 02138

Bigfoot Sticker Packs

Last week I was looking around Bigfoot’s website and noticed he had some sticker packs for sale. I normally don’t buy sticker packs, but I’m a huge fan of Bigfoot’s work and they were only $6. I ordered two packs, had them with in a couple days and man was I hyped when they arrived. Not only were the labels hand painted but it also came with this very nice hand drawn thank you (I’m not sure if that comes with all the packs or if I just got lucky). Anyway, get you own Bigfoot sticker pack here and feel free to send me any packs to be reviewed here.

Everything that was sent (one of the packs is unopened in this photo).

Packs with hand painted labels.

Hand drawn thank you on piece of paper.

Coming Soon!

Hey everybody!  We have assembled an awesome cast of Sticker freaks from all over the world.  Please welcome OneVis (France), Crimson Cisa (Netherlands), Rombos (Spain), Monsta (UK), Nose Go (Philadelphia), Ekser (Miami), Bustart (Switzerland), Papermonster (New York), Faro (New York),  Billi Kid (New York), Biafra (Minneapolis), Skam (Portland), Case Mag (Texas), Mad One (Phoenix), Evoker (Boston), and Bomit (Los Angeles).  Let’s hold off on any new posts until we decide on a theme and get the logo and links all fixed up.

About is a worldwide community of real Sticker heads.  The site is run by actual Sticker artists that are making moves in the Sticker world.  We focus on Stickers getting up on the streets.  Our hope is to grow the Sticker community and evolve Sticker culture.