Speaking with Gee WNR

You are probably the youngest sticker artist I’ve ever interviewed — and one of the most passionate. When did you first start getting up?  I started tagging and bombing when I was 10.  But two years ago, I got into stickers.  I was 13.

What got you into bombing? My next door neighbor got the idea after playing Marc Ecko’s video game, “Getting Up.” It seemed like fun.

Where were you living at the time? I’ve always lived in South Philly.

Back to stickers. What inspired you to create them?  I started seeing stickers around town and I liked the way they looked.

Have you any first sticker memory?  The first sticker I remember seeing downtown is Bob’s robot.

Any favorite writers or sticker artists?  Lots… Among them are: Nose Go, Underwater Pirates, Nise, Boner, Agua…

What materials do you use for your stickers?  Anything I can find – Sharpies, decos, postals.

Have you any favorite spots?  Nope. Any spot is cool with me.

How do your family and friends feel about what you’re doing? My family prefers stickers to bombing.  My friends respect what I do.  But some of the kids in my neighborhood rip my stickers down.

Have you ever been caught? I was caught tagging on a subway platform.

What happened? The cops wrote my name down, and called my mom. 

How’d she take it? She flipped. 

And then?  I changed my name. But I soon got bored tagging. I decided that stickers look cooler.

How do you feel about folks removing your stickers? It gets me mad, but I try to ignore it.

Any other passions? Skateboarding and abstract art.  But it’s mainly graffiti. I feel like I have fallen in love with graffiti. It really isn’t about me impressing people any more. It’s me having fun with it, trying new variations all the time.

Have you ever exhibited your artwork? Not yet.

I’ve noticed that lots of the Philly artists collaborate. Have you collaborated with anyone? I’ve collaborated with SO many people underwater pirates, dash, rog/sloth, revilo, vampy destroy,  meem, odd ball, zerock, grim, gebe (gebat), wtf, shy, brown boy wonder, seek, yerp, froot,  scram, fat cat, feens, what, esp1, res, tot, markese the mop, fen, thomo, hekar, lisk bot, cyclone, zeso , brucie BC, t-gunz, zigy, radius, el toro, bob, toasty, tool, harth, komo, mad roo bean, steal, dip, scram and seek in wnr aha. And if I forgot anyone else – and I know I have – I’m very sorry.

Does the Internet play much of a role in your passion for stickers?  Yes, I’m always checking out Flickr to see what’s going on here and in other places like NYC. And I follow 215 GRAFF, a Philly blog,

What do you see yourself doing in five years? Not sure. But I know that it will be something related to art. 

Good luck!

Interviewed by LoisInWonderland



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