Speaking with Tyler

It was about a year ago when I first I noticed your colorful clouds and zany characters on the streets of the Village and SoHo. Now I see them all over town. When did you first get into creating stickers?  I was in my senior year in college at Texas State University. I took a course in screen printing and one of the assignments was to create an image that represents you. That’s when I came up with the idea of drawing a cloud. The response to my image was so favorable that I soon I found myself drawing clouds on stickers and getting them up.

Did you grow up in Texas? I did. But now that I’m living in NYC, I can’t imagine moving back there. I just love the energy here and the freedom I have here to express myself.

What’s your first graffiti memory? Seeing Daniel Johnston’s images on the walls of Austin, Texas.  Johnston is also a musician.

Any favorite street art or sticker artists?  I love A.S.V.P. for their passion and persistency. I also love Red Nose’s dogs and KRSNA’s bizarre characters. I’m a big fan of Shepard Fairey and Jilly Ballistic.  But I’d have to say that my greatest inspiration is the late Keith Haring. He’s the number one influence on my characters and colors.

How do you get your materials for your stickers?  I buy lots of my drawing materials at Pearl Paint and the United States Postal Service is a steady supplier of stickers.

Have you any favorite spots? I like getting up in the West Village and at the Candy Factory in SoHo.

How do your family and friends feel about what you’re doing? My mom doesn’t understand it.  She just worries about me getting caught. My friends love it.

Have you ever been caught? I was getting up some stickers on the 6 train platform on the East Side when two undercover cops approached me. “Do you do this all the time?” one asked. I told him that indeed I did. It is my passion – in fact. He then gave me a $25.00 ticket and said, “You’re lucky we’re not arresting you,” with the implication that if I weren’t a nice white guy from Texas, I would have been.

How do you feel about folks removing your stickers to take home with them? I used to hate it.  But now I love it. It’s part of the conversation.

What percentage of your time is devoted to sticker art? About 50%

Have you made any money from your art? Not yet.

So what do you do for money? I work as a personal assistant.

Any other passions? Musical theatre – for sure!

What role does the Internet play in your passion for stickers? It is the one place I always check out to find out what other sticker artists are doing.

Have you ever exhibited your artwork? No. But I recently sent stickers to San Francisco-based street artist Jeremy Novy for a traveling exhibit.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? Still putting up my stickers, licensing my art, and working as a graphic designer.

Good luck!

Interviewed by LoisInWonderland


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