Speaking with Eye Never Sleep

I’ve admired your stickers for awhile now. When did you start creating stickers? It was sometime around late 2008. I did a lot of random designs before I became eye never sleep, though.

What got you into the whole sticker thing?  I guess what got me into stickers was what the skateboarding and bike companies were doing when I was like 12. You would always get stickers with shoes, decks, wheels, or whatever.

Where were you living at the time? I was living in Waco, Texas

What is your first street art memory? When I first moved to Waco, I started seeing these little aliens painted everywhere.  A guy named Negative was getting them up.  There was also this guy who did this moniker type face thing.  Both played a big role inspiring me to start creating stickers and getting up.

What are your preferred surfaces or spots for getting up? Just about anything anywhere. If I had to pick my favorite spots, I would say electric meter boxes or poles.

How do you get your materials? I find a lot, or I find ways to get what I want. I’m not into spending money on anything art-related.

Do you work alone or with any crews?  Mostly alone, but I do have a group of friends that get up too. We started a “crew,” I guess, called NGD. It’s more of a joke, though. Just a group of friends.

Have you ever been arrested?  Never for graffiti!

Have you ever exhibited your work?  I had two pieces in this one show at this tattoo shop about two years ago. It’s not really my scene, but I wouldn’t mind doing more in the future.

What is the attitude of your family and friends to what you do? They don’t really care. Not many know, and the ones who do know mostly don’t understand. The only time my family has said anything was after Pac, Skev and I did a huge NGD extinguisher tag right by the highway. My mom called me that night and said it was ugly, ha!

What percentage of your time do you devote to art? Not as much as I used to. I’m a full-time college student with a job, so I don’t have much spare time. And I’m not around my friends who kept me in it. But I’m into printing a lot more these days.

Have you made money from your art? Yeah. I have a big cartel store that sells sticker packs, buttons, canvas and other random stuff I make.

What about your other job? I work in a call center right now while I’m in college. It’s not terrible, but I hate to work at any kind of job, really.

I can understand that! Unless you’re lucky enough, of course, to have a job that you love in a field that you love! What are some of your other interests?  I enjoy reading, making and recording music, making zines, taking photos, building or fixing cars, watching movies…

How do you feel about folks removing your stickers from public places and taking them home?

I know a lot of people flip out about it. I can understand feeling upset if the person taking your sticker is—somehow—making money from it. But if someone is taking it to keep because he likes it, I really don’t mind. Stickers are not meant to last, anyway.

Also,  I wanna do the whole shout out thing. Thanks to Pac 5, Skev, eep, Home Alone, Whit, Shane, Colby, Ian, my whole family, hallucinogens, the whole NGD fam, my love for Cassie from the English show Skins, the Internet for making me feel cool for a few minutes a day, the embalm fam, the Pythagorean theorem, stuffed crust pizza, ancient aliens, Lou Reed, ups and usps for all the help, all the people who put my stickers up for me all over the world, and my boring life. It’s my boring life that got me into all of this!





Interviewed by LoisInWonderland

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