Hi, My name is SKAM and I’m a sticker nerd.

I hail from the United States. Born and raised in North Dakota the land of rednecks, alcoholics, and fear mongering church goers. Moved to the city of roses (portland, Oregon) over 2 years ago. I was always the person looking from the outside in. My background is in abstract painting with snow.

Been doing sticker art for about 5 years. After dealing with years of misinformation, corruption and lies through the news,media and government. SKAM was born. Originaly the concept of SKAM was to expose people I felt were SKAMS. Art intervention always interested me. So in the beginning I would do some research and expose the lies/corruption of the said SKAM I.E.(President Bush, Annabel Chung, The Pope, anti-gay activists, hate promoters, etc)

SKAM evolved into a stencil character design of a redneck with his brains being blown out and part of his teeth missing. After creating the design I started collaborating with other artists to get there take on my design and concept. It spread like wild fire. I hope to promote a community of artists that all can work together on collaborations and ideas that help build an army of artists that respect each other.

Not any of that too cool for school shit!

That being said, this year Mr.say, Nasty Nate(artists from the portland metro area) and I put together Sticker Nerds.

Heres a video I edited and put together of the event.

You can also find me here.


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