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Sticker Nerds 2

Sticker Nerds 2
Portland, Oregon USA
The largest sticker event in the united states presented by Oregonized gallery
Hosted by SKAM

Video,photography,stickering, mixing, editing – by SKAM

Sticker Nerds 2 crew
Mr. Say
Nasty Nate
Rx Skulls
The Lost Cause
Circle Face
The Rastorbator
Poop Mouth
Kanye PDX
No Bonzo
New colony
Homebase records
Mindless design
sticky ricks

Music by
Unicorn dream attack – Beautiful Eyes
Anamanaguchi – Airbrushed

New York City Brass Knuckle Crew Sticker Event

Witzenhausen Gallery at 547 West 27th Street – Ste 508 New York, NY 10001
The exhibition is organized by Jice 1 and Rid 1

To participate send your Stickers, Posters,Stencils, Paste-Ups & Artwork to:
James Rex
23- 26 26 street
Astoria, NY 11105 USA
Please mark envelope BKC

Dead Line is June 11, 2011

-Asking all artists for 30 stickers each to cover the gallery walls, but will accept what you can send.

-Don’t forget to send also your name or nickname, website or social network, country and all the info you want.

-In this edition we will draw 10 mega packs + 2 special raffles.

Our email: