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Stick or Treat

Portland, Oregon

Home Bass, Visual Assault Crew, & P.N.F.A.(Pacific Northwest Friendship Association) Presents
A Halloween Themed artshow!
Open call for art!!!

Rules for submitting art

1.Send in stickers!!!!!

2.We dont want HUGE packs of all the same things! Put some love into it and make it scary!!!!

3.We are taking Limited submissions for Artwork(that means painting, prints, installs etc)
Private message me if you are interested in submitting artwork.

4.Dont just send in paintings they have to be approved by myself or the other curators of the show.


Send your work here
Stick or Treat
po box 13492
Portland, OR 97213

The event will be on halloween and anyone is welcome to come and put up stickers for the sticker installation. Get dressed up. Have fun! We are going to have live music, Costume contests, Games, Candy,Carved Pumpkins, Laughs, stickers and alot of FUN!!!!!!!

(Logo Designed by SKAM & Dr,Rasterbator)

Oregonized Galleries Presents Sticker Nerds 2

Revenge of the Sticker NERDS!
September 30th 2011
Portland, Oregon

Call for Sticker Art & Posters!
Deadline is September 27th
The Sticker nerds heads are still looking for sponsors so if interested hit SKAM up!

Send your slaps and posters here
Sticker Nerds 2
Po Box 13492
Portland, OR 97213 USA

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