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UWP Under Water Pirates Interview…

1 how did you get into sticker art?

– Just out of necessity man. When I was younger and skated I’d tag shit sometimes. I was always into graffiti. Then when I got a little older I was drawing monsters and shit all the time, and then my sister gave me some labels she ganked from cvs or somewhere and said it would be cool if I drew the monster on them and stick em up. To me it was like a mind blowing amazing idea.

2 what is the first sticker you remember seeing?

– I didn’t see shit man. Nothing in Jersey. Then I went to the city cause I figured more people would see my stuff there if I put it up and I saw El Toro and Bob Will Reign. I couldn’t believe someone else had this great idea to put stickers up. Back then it was like Bob, El Toro, Peru, Vatoe, Mecro, Mr. G, Nose and Creeper and that was it. Not like it is now. Philly is crushed with sticker heads now.

3 how did you come up with your name?

-I don’t remember.

4 you have a killer letter style. any plans on painting any walls?

-Thanks. Like I said I was always into graffiti. I was always real inspired by skateboard graphics and shit. So I sketched letter shit a lot back in school and stuff but I sucked. Like I look at old sketchbooks now and the stuff I was drawing is just fucked. I think I’m definitely better but it’s something I still got to work on for sure. But I have painted walls before. I did a few pieces for a friend we lost last summer. (RIP BOGUS). And I’ve painted a few walls with Goest, El Toro, and the 33 crew. But I’m not a painter. Like if I find some random spot I’ll paint it like with a character but I’d rather just put up stickers then find spots to paint. Painting is fun and I ain’t bad at it but I’m a sticker artist. That’s my “passion”.

5 any projects your working on. what can we expect from UWP in the future?

-I’m working on some shit for a show idea I have. Being broke as fuck helps you come up with good ideas I think. When you have a lot of time on your hands I think you come up with some creative shit. Not like walking into an art store and standing in line to buy a canvas to paint to hang in some show yaknow. There is free canvas everywhere. A canvas don’t have to be a canvas, if that makes any sense. I’m gonna do another deck graphic for SQPG skate shop in Jersey this summer. And I’m slowly working on a new printed sticker series. The first series I did people really liked, So I want to make a new pack for sure. Definitely been plotting a zine for like 3 fucking years man. I’m just a mix of lazy and ADD. I can’t focus on stuff for too long or I’m just over it. But I definitely have plans for a zine.

6 what are some supplies you cant live without?

-Beer, Red Bull, Deco color broad, fine, and ultra fine black and white paint markers. Presto white out pens, and them Krink ink markers. They are all you need right there. Lately I’ve been psyched on gold paint markers man. But supplies aren’t important. People think the supplies make the fucking art yaknow. “What markers do you use?” I’ve heard that question a thousand fucking times. I use the same markers as everyone else fool. It don’t matter what you got or don’t. Fuck a bin of markers. I threw em out man. It was just stress. I have a little stash now that’s it. But if you have black and white your good to go. Deco oil based for sure. That shit don’t fade.

7 have you ever traded with Bomit?

– Yeah, like 2 years ago or something I think. Awhile back.

Shout outs-
– 33 crew. all the Philly and NY heads. Mutts, Illadel stylez, All my friends who have supported me and never told me to fuck off, Million Beers Crew, NTP, RIP The Bogus One, RIP Double D, El Toro, Bob Will Reign, WTF, Dash, Arks, Werms Two, Revilo, Marty, Burg, Phat Sam, Simple, The Sloth, Soma, CZRVII, Ticky, Lame, Goest Face Thriller, Paris, Pizza Beak, Mr. Slob, Kento, Dove, Feral Dog, Mecro, Anderson Mesa, Air Rat, Shit Horse, Sticky Rick, Question Josh, Dick Chicken, Robots Will Kill, Jaime, Amanda, Rob and Tattooed Mom, Bomit, Jaime, Dustin, Matt, Jon, Mike, Sean, Corey, SQPG, All the bartenders and my family and everyone else I forgot. Lets go fuck up some shit, go fishing and get drunk.- Go listen to The Feral Dog Band, Sleepers Lie and Whatwhywarewolf. If your in Philly go check out Mutt airbrush and graff supply on 4th st. off South. And if ya can’t hit up Illadel Styles online.

interview by YELLOW

Sweet Toof Stickers for Sale…

Buy them here… High Roller Society

SWEET TOOF: Sticker Sheet (die-cut)

Screen printed vinyl sticker sheet
11 stickers on each 21 x 31 cm sheet
sticker sizes vary: 17 cm across (longest), 3 cm across (shortest)
Sealed within a protective bag
This is a pack of 11 new Sweet Toof stickers, made via a hand-pulled screen printing technique. Stickers have been individually die-cut on a single A4 sized sheet, and are packaged in a protective bag. Sticker sheets come in two colourways: Fuschia pink and Fluorescent pink, some with a few gold or silver teef. We apologise that requests for specific colourways may not be honoured.
All sticker sheets are shipped via 1st Class Royal Mail, unless otherwise requested in writing at the time of purchase. Please note that expedited shipping will incur further costs.

Oregonized Galleries Presents Sticker Nerds 2

Revenge of the Sticker NERDS!
September 30th 2011
Portland, Oregon

Call for Sticker Art & Posters!
Deadline is September 27th
The Sticker nerds heads are still looking for sponsors so if interested hit SKAM up!

Send your slaps and posters here
Sticker Nerds 2
Po Box 13492
Portland, OR 97213 USA

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