Dion Valtazar by Crimson Cisa

Dion Valtazar printed

Last week my new stickers came in. Two and half thousand of transparent A7 awesomeness! I’m very happy with how these came out. They look very elegant on the street haha. Street shots after the jump.

The Hague, Holland

A street shot of the new sticker in The Hague, Holland. Nice pretty buildings in the background.

Rotterdam, Holland

A street shot of the new sticker in Rotterdam, Holland. Right next to some, relatively unknown, Dutch sticker artist, who goes by Lampke ;)

The Hague, Holland

I haven’t done a combo in ages, so it was probably time to do one. Here it is for the fans ;)
Shopping center at Leyweg, The Hague

– Crimson Cisa

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