Speaking with The Wisher914

I’ve been noticing your stickers for years. Whatever the time of day or weather, I always stop to read your hand-written ones. I love your messages.  When did you first start getting up? I was 13 when I started screwing around with tags. It was some sloppy toy bullshit.

What motivated you to do so?  It was something to do. I was bored.  I liked to mess things up. I’d been writing my name on things since way before I knew what graffiti was.

Where were you living at the time?  In hell.

What’s your first graffiti memory? I was about six years old sitting in a car passing along the West Side Highway. I liked what I saw.  I just wanted to know why and how. I figured out how, but I still don’t know why.

What about stickers? What got you into stickers?  My first encounter with stickers was through the book Graffiti World. I noticed the stickers that were up in Europe, especially in Paris. That’s what got me started.

How do you get your materials for your stickers? The UPS is a dear friend. I’ve also gotten some cheap deals on vinyls through the Internet.

Have you any favorite spots? Anywhere where people will see them. I like surprises. Super random spots like 155th and 5th.

How do your family and friends feel about what you’re doing? My mom hates it. My friends don’t care.

How do you feel about folks removing your stickers to take home with them? Okay, I don’t mind. But only one.

Have you ever been arrested? Many times in the ‘burbs but only once in NYC for graffiti.

What was that like?  In NYC? Hellish. I had to spend the night at Central Booking…dudes pooping all over the place…waking up with cockroaches all over my face. But the ‘burbs will rape your wallet.

What’s your worst street art memory? Me and my best friend don’t really talk anymore because of some legal troubles.

Have you ever exhibited your artwork? A bit. But it’s not my thing.  Too many writers are too concerned about getting their work into galleries.

What percentage of your time is devoted to sticker art?  About 2%. I’m too busy slaving away for the dollar. Screw the 8-5.

How do you make money? I work full-time as a graphic designer.

So when do you create your stickers? On my couch in front of the TV – toasty and bored.

Who are some of your favorite sticker artists? Wrona, Lobster Roll, Overconsume, Cash4, Faust, Kosbe and SURE, R.I.P

What about writers? Any writers inspire you? Anybody killing it.

What are some of your other interests? Photography, exploring stuff, hiking, and my dog. I’m a big fan of my dog. Animals cool, people not so much.

What do you see yourself doing in five years? Sitting behind a computer being miserable.

Any shout-outs? Bles, KW2, Blush, Cake ENV, Sno, Oops, NOF posse and my dog, Mr. Mickels.

Interviewed by LoisInWonderland

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