Speaking with TR£§ ØH UNO (301)

I discovered one of your stickers on a door near 5Pointz in LIC.  Your character is certainly distinct. He has somewhat of a South American or Middle Eastern flavor. Where does that come from?   Actually I’m neither Mid Eastern nor South American, but much of my inspiration comes from ancient cultures.

Interesting! When did you first get into street art? About a year and a half ago. In September, 2010. I was 16.

Where were you living at the time? Here in New Jersey

What inspired you? My brother had just returned from Paris with a book about street art, and I liked what I saw.

Any first graffiti memory? There was this bully in school who was tagging his name everywhere.  I decided to go over him. That’s when I first “got up.”

What about your stickers?  What got you into stickers? I loved being able to spend as much time as I want on a single small piece before it got out there.

Have you any preferred spots or surfaces? I like metal boxes – like garbage cans — and abandoned places.

How do you get your materials? Lots of different places. I get the vinyl sticker paper from Home Depot. And I use cardboard from boxes for lots of my other artwork.

Have you ever been arrested? Not for stickers. But I got picked up for tagging.

Where was this? A few towns over from where I live.  The cops recognized my tag on papers I was carrying with me at the time.  

Do you work on your own or with a crew?  I share my stickers with the TEC crew. We send stickers to each other. We’re just a bunch of guys with common interests.

Have you ever exhibited your artwork? Yes, through school and at the Martinsville Studio here in NJ.

Have you made any money from your art? I sold nine out of 25 pieces in one of my shows. I made about $1,000.

Very cool! Have you a day job? I work part-time in a pizza store.

How do your parents feel about what you’re doing?  They’re pretty positive. My mom likes what I’m doing, but she’s wary of my getting up on the streets.

What percentage of your time – would you say – is devoted to art?  A good part of it. When I’m in school, I do stickers, and when I’m home, I paint.

What are some of your other interests? I’m into music. My father’s a musician. He plays bass in a rock band.

How do you feel about folks who remove your stickers from public places to take home with them?  If someone likes my sticker enough to take it down, then I’m glad to share it.

What role does the Internet play in your passion for stickers?  It helps me get my stuff out, and that’s how I met you.

Have you any favorite artists? ManyBasquiat, Diebenkorn, Bo130, UWP, 108, Flying Fortress, Sickboy!

What do you see yourself doing in five years? I should be out of college, working on my artwork, and still doing stickers, or course.

Good luck!

Interviewed by LoisInWonderland

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