Speaking with Esu

I discovered your sticker when I was out in Portland. When did you first start “getting up?”  When I was in 7th grade, I started writing my first tag name “Toady” on school desks. Soon I was skating everywhere with a marker in my pocket. Then when I was around 16, I started getting up on walls.

Where were you living at the time? In Long Island.

And where are you based these days? I’m in Eugene, Oregon, but planning to head back to the East Coast before the year’s end.

What was your motivation when you began to get up? The adrenalin rush – for sure!  And there’s the artistic aspect of it.  But that came second. I just loved bombing.

Do you recall your first graffiti memory? I remember taking the train into the city as a little kid and seeing all these colors on the walls during the whole ride. I was hooked at once!

These days stickers seem to be your main means of getting up. Have you any preferred surfaces or spots?  Anywhere they will stick is fine. I especially like high spots where the stickers are hard to peel off.

Where do you get your materials? Mostly from friends who work in warehouses. As far as markers and paints – anyway I can, wherever I can.

Any inspirations these days?  I respect anyone who puts his or her freedom on the line to get their name out.  My particular influences include: Dalek, Buff Monster, Phetus, Odesk, Zam, Zephyr, Stay High 149, Jase, Kuma, Revs, Cost and MQ.

Have you ever been arrested? When I got sloppy.

Have you ever exhibited your stickers?  As part of Sticker Nerds.

What is your family’s and friends’ attitude towards what you do?  My fiancé  is supportive and understanding.  The rest of my family goes back and forth. I think they thought I’d grow out of it.

Have you made money from your art?  As a glass blower I have.

Have you any other source of income? I also work as a house painter.

What are some of your other interests? Working with glass and skateboarding.

How do you feel about folks removing your stickers?   I’d rather have a fan remove my stickers than a cop.

What role has the Internet played in all this? It helps me connect with other artists and it helps me get my work out to places I will never see myself.

What do you see yourself doing in five years from now? Making stickers with my kids.

Good luck!

                                                  Interviewed by LoisInWonderland

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