Speaking with Ame72

 I’ve seen your Lego man in Tel Aviv, on the Separation Wall in Bethlehem, in the Southern Israeli town of Sderot, on the walls in London and at the Cans Festival. But this is the first time I’m seeing it in the streets of NYC – and it’s on a sticker!   I was invited to participate in this year’s Meeting of Styles in Paterson, New Jersey. That’s what brought me here, and Lego man could be easily transported – on a sticker!

I see. When did you first get into street art? I was 12 years old at the time, living in South Manchester, England. The film BEAT STREET and the book SUBWAY ART introduced me to graffiti and hip-hop.

Do you remember the first time you saw graffiti in “real life?” It was an orange outline on an old building in Manchester that said “Radio Train.”   That’s what got me started.  I soon began spending my Saturdays with my buddies decorating the local transport system.

Not that many artists move so easily between “old school” graffiti and street art.  But you bridge the two. And you’ve made street art/graffiti your life – for about 25 years now. Why is that?  Why do you continue to “get up” in the streets? Because I can, and because it’s fun. I love what I do, and it’s the perfect lifestyle for me! I love to create art and I love to travel.

Have you ever been arrested?  No.

What are your favorite surfaces?  I like spots where people are likely to stop, like corners where the traffic lights change.

Your work has also made its way into galleries and museums – not only in Tel Aviv, where you now live – and in the UK, but also across the globe in such cities as Copenhagen, Beijing, Vienna and NYC. What’s on the horizon? I’m planning to head out to Moscow, Russia this winter.

Lucky you!

Interviewed by LoisInWonderland

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