The NYC BUFF Revealed – Stuck Up Piece of Crap

A book by a guy who steals Stickers off the Streets

About the Author: The thief, DB Burkeman actually admits that he steals stickers by peeling them from the streets of NYC.  Now he says they are being “curated”.

What a joke!!!  Here is the actual email from the self admitted kleptomaniac of the NYC sticker art scene who takes personal responsibility for robbing the streets of the sticker art that we all love to see up on the streets:


So is that a “yes” or a “no” on you personally taking stickers off the streets?


Response: I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with you, but you seem very bent out of shape by the fact that fans of stickers have been collecting them from the streets.
I think I speak for Martha also, when I say that our goal was simply to curate them into a book, thus preserving them & showing them to a wider audience than would have seen them if left on the streets to be cleaned by anti graff police, or simply lost due to the ravages of the NYC weather.
My partner Monica & I are working on showing the stickers in massive gallery (& possibly museum) shows, traveling the world.

Here’s the text from my intro in the book..

…It has also been an amazing couple of
years of scouring the streets for stickers.
It’s been a great way for me to hang out
and have fun with my son Max (aka “Eagle
Eye,” for his amazing ability to see a hardto-
spot-sticker— while we were visiting my
dad in Soho, London, Max was the one who
spotted a hand-drawn Anthony Lister.) Max—
and kids in general, I think—are much more
open to absorbing art in a profound way
when it’s on the street and not in a sterile
gallery. Our routine was to head to a specific
area of town, kitted-out with
our tools— a sharp
blade, baby powder
to neutralize the glue,
and baby wipes to clean
the dog piss and other
crap off our hands. Max
would sometimes ask
me if I thought the artists
would mind us taking their
stickers down. This question
did bug my conscience
sometimes, but I came to a
peaceful place, thinking that the
artists would probably be happy
to know their stickers will last a lot
longer in a book.”

Hello DB,

I will take that as a “yes”.

Thank you for confirming the fact that you are the people that are responsible for stealing the artwork from the streets for your own personal use and goals.

Somebody needs to tell you that what you are doing is very wrong…

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