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Welcome to FreeStickers.org.  A new Sticker Artist / Organization gets featured on FreeStickers when they send us a big package with tons of cool stickers for us to distribute for them. We are the World’s Largest Sticker Distributor -sponsored by Bomit. Please contact us to sign up to be a “Featured Sticker Artist” or to have your brand featured.  Buy Sticker Packs to show your support!

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99 Responses to About Free Stickers .org

  1. t-ninja says:

    we would like to participate

  2. riseone says:

    sheffield, england

  3. Strax says:

    is it about the artist’s level or will the lucky be chosen by chance?
    whatever, i’d like to sign up

  4. e3lli22 says:

    i would like to enter

  5. skam says:

    this is SKAM

    you got my info…thanks

  6. UWP says:

    no comment is my comment

  7. gonads says:

    id like to participate !

  8. brideone says:

    this could be cool

  9. R2F! says:

    hey i draw stickers. that makes me cool right?

  10. Punik says:

    Atlanta Ga needs some more stickers around town.. Im willing to spread the love!

  11. YOSK * says:

    sticker artist from

  12. Will Campbell says:

    cant wait to get my designs up! BOMB IT!

  13. mateo eide says:

    hey i want a pack please

  14. Pinak says:

    this is Pinak, cool idea!

  15. SHEIKONE says:

    I want in!!

  16. melinda says:


  17. skarcigar @ flickr says:

    im down

  18. tan0 says:

    Im in like a motherf£$%!

  19. Heather says:

    I would love to be a part of this! Oklahoma NEEDS stickers!

  20. NEB says:

    im in. holla.

  21. kristin says:

    i like stickers i would like to have some please

  22. oscar burns says:

    this would be tight!!

  23. Hey we would like to help how ever we can!

  24. Icela says:

    Sounds dope. Sign me up; I’ve got some ideas.

  25. Kiwi says:

    Always down for sticky related goodness :D

  26. TMC says:


  27. Layla Mist says:

    What a great web site ****** :O)

  28. ESSEGEE.FRA' says:

    good idea. rock on!

  29. brandon vargas says:

    kant wait for mi stickerz!!!!

  30. kine says:

    i want some free stickers, i tag kine, ive send u some packs in the past, u will get another one soon

  31. DarmOner says:

    Wish I could get on this!

  32. oosh! says:

    i need stickers!!

  33. Bafna says:

    Hey i’m very new to graffiti stickers and would love to apply for sticker artist of the week :) Check out my youtube and please don’t forget to comment rate and subscribe in order to get feedback on how to improve my stickers! Thanks



  34. Daiel Abare says:

    I want some free stickers.

  35. kine says:

    i would love some free stickers, what do i have to do?

  36. Alec perry says:

    could you send me some free bike stickers and if anyone asks how i got them i’ll tell them about your website also i will tellmy friends my adress is 23135 pattow i live in roseville michigan

  37. krzo says:

    if you got slpas hmu for a trade =]

  38. master' says:

    To Belgium ?

  39. Nick Aird says:

    Do we get stickers every week even if we dont post stickers everyweek?

  40. sydmd says:

    I would like to paypal you for the free sticker packs, please email paypal info.

  41. nestdafoe says:

    Hey there….what about the shipping-costs, if I´m ordering 2 or more packs….to germany? Is it for 4 packs the same (9,95.-$)?

    greetz from germany…

  42. alfredo delgado says:

    I would like to receive new stickers. I have sent a lot of my stickers to the bomb it web site already.

  43. Von says:

    Like your work, maybe some sort of trade deal?

  44. dreamz says:

    Sign me up!

  45. kris davie says:

    i would like to be part of this.i dont have a web showing my stickers but i have a vid of some of my designs ;)

  46. Geneva Contreras says:

    I want a pack of free stickers but idk how to get them, can some one tell me how?

  47. Erick says:

    Sign Me Up!(:

  48. Erick says:

    Sign Me Up!

  49. BarFly!! says:

    the bay area needs more stickers hook it up nd I’ll put em around

  50. .AFROBONE. says:


  51. smokesone says:

    send me your slaps and i’ll get you up round my endz!! southwest england (the ghetto parts!) send send send!!! email smokesone@live.co.uk for the postal adress of my secretary gimp!!

  52. smokesone says:

    send me oodles of packs NOW!!! also Ill be uploading my stickers soon so move over artists of the week THE KING HAS ARRIVED!!

  53. KRUM says:

    hook it up with some sickk packs.. please..

  54. yeppertea says:


  55. HOWARD says:

    this sound neat send me a pack,this is my first time here so it my be fun to share the fun.

  56. Jules says:

    I really love your stickers and I would be soooo grateful if u could send me some of your awsome collection to brighten up my day hope 2 hear frm u soon x

  57. Audio says:

    i’m so on this sh*t!

    send me the address at which to post my stickers to!!!!

  58. i would like to participate

  59. sPrOuTs (rmeds) says:

    i would love to send you guys a fat pack’

  60. scottwong says:

    I’d like to participate.
    could you please e-mail me specifics? thx.

  61. ayygee says:

    Hi there ^^ I’ve just found this site, and it looks awesome :)
    I just had a question, if someone would like a sticker pack from a previous month’s giveaway, would they be able to get it?
    Please and thanks!

  62. Amos Fletcher says:

    love to participate need to tag my snowmobile with swag stickers!

  63. daniel says:

    how can i get some of these awsome stickers

  64. Isidro Paniagua says:

    hi my name is isidro and i am interested in promoting anybodys art. in stickers, posters, paintings etc. if anybody wants to email me for more information please do. my email is – isidropaniagua1@gmail.com and my name is Isidro thank you

  65. Would love to get involved!

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