*Free Rebel 8 Stickers from Rebel Eight

We just got a massive package of free stickers to give away to all fans of Mike Giant / Rebel8 Clothing!
Click here to get your *FREE Sticker Pack!
Follow Rebel Eight on Twitter here.
Visit the Rebel 8 Website to buy stuff now.
A big thanks Joshy / Mike Giant for the hook up!!!

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18 Responses to *Free Rebel 8 Stickers from Rebel Eight

  1. juan ortiz says:

    can I have some free stickers?

  2. ramon says:

    Sweet stickers dude

  3. ramon says:

    Please give me some free stickers

  4. Jessica Mandula says:

    Hey Sir,
    Some of these still up for grabs. I’d love to represent and post some here in St.Pete and the Sunshine state.


  6. kat says:

    roughtly how many stickers come in a pack?

  7. jessica lino says:

    plz send me our free stickers i can’t get enough of them….can u help me out on shipping

  8. nick dodson says:

    Can i have some stickers

  9. dawne gibson says:

    312 halton circle
    Seffner, fl 33584

  10. Gimme break says:

    Come ON now… Go hit up your parents or something for the shipping. You’d totally put them out of business if they covered every broke a$$ jokes butt on shipping. Appreciate the fact that anyone anywhere is even willing to give cool things away in this day and age. Go hit up ma dukes.

  11. Grant James says:

    Would love some stickers 🙂 ur a ledgend! PMA

  12. pennarun antoine says:

    bonjour a toute l’équipe je suis un jeune pilote qui vas faire c’est début dans les championnat Français de motocross est ce que sa serais possible de recevoir des autocollant (sticker ) publicitaire afin de décorer ma moto avec mes marques préférer .
    en vous remercient , bonne continuation a toute l’équipe .
    cordialement antoine

    pennarun antoine
    8,rue henri dunant 29000 quimper

  13. Ville Siikaluoma says:

    Hi.Your stickers are just awesome and i need stickers on alpine skis, helmets and bikes.Thanks much in advance 🙂

  14. simon says:

    hello can you give me sime stickers?

  15. Chad Garrie says:

    I would really enjoy either some stickers or a bit of merchandise swag. If you would be so kind as to mail me anything/ everything
    Sticker- wise I would be super stoked to put the on my gang box at work.
    chad Garrie
    7332 County Road 327
    Trinity Alabama 35673

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